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Level 2 – Animal Communication not only takes you to a far deeper level of connection with the Animal Kingdom but also introduces you to the Plant and Mineral Kingdom and all that the Natural World holds.


Previous Users Level 2 – Lesson 7

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Crystals are as old as the earth itself and have formed and are still forming below the earth’s surface. These crystals have been known to man since ancient times as…

Previous Users Level 2 – Lesson 8

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Through Level 1 and so far in Level 2 we have been communicating with our animal friends mostly through personality profiles and questions. In this section we are going to…

Previous Users Level 2-Lesson 10

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All the beautiful animals we share our lives with, will return home to the spirit realm. It is a time they will be reunited with family and friends. It is…

Previous Users Level 2-Lesson 12

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We are all on this planet for a purpose and this purpose differs from person to person. Animals can greatly assist you in discovering your life purpose, if we choose…

Previous Users Level 2-Lesson 13

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Your energy field just like your physical body needs cleansing. This section will explain some of the ways you can do this. There are also techniques to protect the integrity…

Previous Users Level 2-Lesson 14

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After you have completed the final exam you will have successfully completed Animal Communication Level 2, and receive you Certificate of Completion. Congratulations!