Animal Communication Level 2 – Lesson 1 Course Objectives (Free Preview)

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Course Time: 16 Hours

Level 2 covers all possible topics, exercises and techniques you would experience in a live Level 2 animal communication course.

If you wish to attend a workshop in person please contact for schedules and location.

British kitten rare color (lilac) and puppies dachshund


This Visual/Audio course is intended for those that are unable to attend a workshop in person with an instructor.

1. To continue your journey of learning the Silent Language of Animals to a deeper more detailed level.

2. To be able to extend your communication to the Plant Kingdom.

3. To be able to use the techniques shown in this course for continued practice after attending a workshop in person or completing this long distance course.

Materials Included in your long distance learning course:

Instructional Videos

Audio MP3: Journey of the Soul 

Audio MP3: Understanding Your Aura

Audio MP3: Cleansing/Protecting Your Aura 


1.To achieve the maximum results from this course it is recommended you read ‘Stories from the Animal Whisperer’ before you begin.


2. Sit for a few moments before you begin and close your eyes. Think of one of the special animals in your life now or one that has shared your life at some stage. Feel the emotion that animal brings you and remind yourself of the unconditional love you feel when you are with that animal or think of that animal.

3. Realise that all living beings are connected. Whether an animal, plant or mineral, all in the natural world deserves unconditional love and respect as do you.

You will need an exercise book or journal for the various exercises


At the end of each section is an assessment. Please complete all assessments.


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LESSON 1 SECTION 2.1 Objectives

LESSON 1 SECTION 2.2   Your progress So Far

LESSON 2 SECTION 2.3   Sensing Energy

LESSON 3 SECTION 2.4   Revising Your Skills

LESSON 4 SECTION 2.5   Reconnecting with the Animal Kingdom

LESSON 5 SECTION 2.6   Discovering the Plant Kingdom

LESSON 6 SECTION 2.7   Talking with Your Own Animals

LESSON 7 SECTION 2.8   A Deeper Connection with Your Own Animal Companions

LESSON 8 SECTION 2.9   Cleansing and Protecting Your Auric Field and Your Environment

LESSON 9  SECTION 2.10   Completing Level 2 

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