Level 1 – Animal Communication


Being able to communicate in their language opens the door to deeper relationship with new perspectives.

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This Visual/Audio course is intended for those that are unable to attend a workshop in person with an instructor.

1. To begin your journey of learning the Silent Language of Animals and being able to openly converse with any species.

2. To be able to use the techniques shown in this course for continued practice after attending a workshop in person or completing this long distance course.

Animals communicate in a silent language, and humans communicate in a verbal language. When we meet someone who does not speak our language, we don’t assume that they have nothing to say, we just can’t understand them. If we wish to communicate with them we either have to learn their language or use an interpreter. So even though we were all born with this ability, we suppressed this type of communication once we began speaking verbally as it was more accepted. It was very natural to us as young children and babies, and even though forgotten as we grew up, a part of us never forgets. This silent language can be relearnt and used once again to communicate with the natural world. It will forge greater understanding and emotional bonds with the special animals in your lives. If you have a close relationship with your animal companion, you can be sure you are already communicating with them. You may not realize that you are communicating with your animals because you think that the thoughts and feelings are your own. With practice you will soon be able to recognize the distinct difference in these thoughts and feelings between you and an animal.