• 8 Lessons

    Introduction to Meditation (Finding the Silence)

    Very few people know what meditation is, despite its popularity. Most people think you sit cross-legged and say OM, or you imagine something which gives you peace, satisfaction or extreme relaxation.  It is actually a state of awareness or consciousness that you can be in, whether you are doing daily activities or sitting formerly in meditation.  It is a state of profound, deep peace that occurs when the mind is calm and silent, yet completely alert. This in itself is the beginning of a huge transformation that takes us to amazing heights of awareness.  

  • 1 Lesson

    Overcoming Grief of a Beloved Pet

    Grief, Loss & Love! Losing a beloved animal is devastating. Learn how to overcome the grief through greater understanding and honouring your animal so to connect you and your animal’s heart centre forever.

  • 12 Lessons

    Pet Talk Program

    Animals communicate in an ancient silent language, and humans communicate in a verbal language. However you spoke the silent language when you were born up until you began to verbalise at 2-3 years of age. Then you just forgot you could communicate in this way. If you would love to relearn the art of this communication and have two-way conversations with your pets then this course is for you..

    Get amazing insights into why your pets do what they do and what they are trying to tell you.  It will forge an incredibly stronger and deeper relationship with the special animals in your life than you have experienced before.  Get all your questions answered and remove the guesswork when it comes to emotional, behavioural and physical issues so you and your pets can move towards the life of bliss that you all deserve.

  • 4 Lessons

    Talk To Your Animals in 3 Easy Steps

    What are your pets trying to tell you? Are they truly happy? Find out in just 3 easy steps. Start a two-way conversation with your much loved animals today. Imagine the change you could make in your pets life if you could hear and understand them. To find out what they are thinking, feeling but most importantly needing from you. I know you love your pets deeply and want them to have the life they truly deserve. This 3 Step Workshop is the easiest and fastest way to start your conversation with your pet and create the ultimate bond you have only dreamt about. Remove the guesswork and start today on your journey of animal communication.
  • 2 Lessons

    Tapping into your Spiritual Energy

    When you are in true connection with your purpose, things flow naturally and even the difficult things suddenly become less terrifying and instead become opportunities to create deeper meaning in our lives.
    When you stop forcing things and surrender, there is a moment of total clarity and connection with your higher self, in a way you did not even know was possible.
    Energy, in all of its forms – wealth, joy, youthfulness and divine inspiration – is abundant and endless. Cosmic or spiritual energy is everywhere, but did you know that you could tap into and harness this energy? 
    But sometimes life sends us roadblocks and challenges that can make us feel isolated, disconnected, and even alone.
    In these less than desirable times, our energy can seem limited or even depleted – but this is just an illusion.
    We all have the ability to turn up or down our energy vibration based on the thoughts we choose, the emotions we feel, the actions we take, and our alignment with our soul.
    But we need to learn to get this vibrational level right.
    In this 3 hour series you will learn all about what spiritual energy is, how to harness it and how to raise your vibration. It is a recorded session of a seminar and practical exercises to get you connected to your spiritual energy and higher self.